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Rules and Regulations

Edmonton mens recreational Baseball

The following rules are provided as an extension of the official rules of baseball and act as an alteration to the official rules. Should any conflict arise from any ambiguity of these rules and interpretations, rules should be made by a league official.

EMRB is a wood bat only league. All bats are required to have a drop 3, and additional ball requirement is Rawlings ROML balls. Players are required to wear NON METAL SPIKES. Athletic sneakers are okay.

League Uniforms:

Uniforms can be purchased through SportTime Clothing. Uniform costs will include jersey, hat, belt & socks.
Uniforms will take 4-6 weeks for delivery. Individual players place your order once your team has been determined

The Games

All regular season games will be played with a 2 hour time limit or 7 completed innings No new innings will start after 1 hour and 45 minutes. Any inning already in progress should be played to completion Tie games are possible, but when time permits extra innings may be played, using international rules (Runner on 2nd and 1 out) Playoff games will be played to a full nine innings with international rules for extra innings if required Postponed Games All games postponed or suspended will be rescheduled by the league if/or when possible Dedicated rain-out dates will be added to the schedule before playoffs begin.

The Equipment

No metal bats are allowed. Solid wood and composite bats are required Shoes No metal cleats are allowed

All batters and runners must wear helmets Batters must wear helmets that protects the ear facing the pitcher All bat boy & bat girls must also wear helmets when on the field of play Balls

The league will provide the umpires a supply of clean balls. Home team shall be responsible for the collection of foul balls at the end of the game.

The Players

To be eligible to participate in EMRB games, every player must meet the following criteria.
They must be 18 years of age prior to the first game of the season (verification for new players will be required) They must complete the on-line registration and agree to the liability waiver They must pay any applicable player and/or league fees The Line Ups All players present at the field are required to be in the batting line-up. Batters cannot be removed or skipped, unless being removed due to injury or prior commitment. Players arriving late are required to be added to the bottom of the batting order.
Defense and Pitchers A team may substitute freely and as many times as desired for all defensive positions except the pitcher. Any pitcher removed, is not required to stay in another defensive position in order to return as pitcher any pitcher may be re-entered to pitch in subsequent inning only once per game. Courtesy runners should be employed for catchers on base with two outs Teams must have at least 8 players to start. The 9th spot in the batting order will be an automatic out
The league will maintain a list of “extra or substitute” players for teams that may require a sub for any given game. The purpose of the substitute is to prevent forfeits and not to obtain a competitive advantage. Extra players may play any position except pitcher.


Any team that forfeits a game without reasonable notice (minimum of 24 hours) will be subject to a $100 fee paid to the league before their next game and an automatic score of 7 – 0 will be awarded to the other team

Code of Conduct

The EMRB requires Team Captains and Umpires are to remove players from a game if they are involved with any of the following acts:

• Displaying disrespectful or threatening behaviour
• Intentionally pushing, shoving or making physical contact with another player
• Making comments to instigate an altercation with another player

If a player is ejected from a game, they must vacate the field immediately. The offending player will be subject to further follow-up from the EMRB, including possible suspension/expulsion from the League. This will be directed straight to the team captain and an ability to appeal the decision will be granted.
Captains are expected to control the actions of their teammates.
Captains must honour the zero-tolerance policy and remove players from the game who participate in unsportsmanlike conduct or threatening behaviour
Teams may also be fined $200 for each instance that occurs or causes grievances to other teams*
Unsportsmanlike Conduct The first offence (if non-malicious) should result in a warning from the team captain and EMRB
A malicious first offence, or a second offence will result in a game misconduct up to possible expulsion
Examples of unsportsmanlike conduct:

– Players making calls from the bench
– Arguing calls with the umpire
– Players yelling at fielders to `drop the ball’ or make a mistake from the bench
– Throwing equipment
Threatening Behaviour:

• The first offence will result in a game misconduct and up to expulsion
Examples of threatening behaviour:
o Swearing or verbal abuse
o Physical threats or contact
o Fighting, Instigating

Umpires Umpires will be held to their code of conduct. Two umpires will be present for Regular season games 1 plate & 1 additional infield Three umpires will be present for playoff games – 1 plate, 1 1st base & 1 additional infield